How to Make a PBS

A Product Breakdown Structure is a planning tool used to analyze, document and communicate the outcomes of a project. PBS is a part of the product based planning method and often comes in the form of a hierarchy. Project planners use this hierarchy to display a relationship between multiple levels of the system that is under consideration. All levels of the hierarchy contain the required components of the final product.

The top objective (Level 1) of the PBS hierarchical represents the entire project. The lower levels contain the more detailed pieces of the product.These components can be physical, functional, or conceptual pieces of a product or project. In interest of a thorough PBS, the structure must include all sections of the project to ensure that all aspects are considered. In addition, a detail PBS communicates the purpose of the project and what it is to deliver.

product breakdown structure 100% Rule

When creating a PBS, the first step is to identify the final product that is under evaluation. The final product is then broken down into pieces so that each piece can undergo further evaluation. This encourages project planners to consider minute details that are often overlooked in the planning process. When the PBS structure is reviewed and completed, project planners can move forward and begin launching the project at hand.

Although the PBS is creating at the primary stages of a project, it is important for the PBS to be reviewed and revised during every step of the project. The PBS can then be adjusted accordingly. Because the final product is the first identified component, the PBS uses a top-down approach when identifying the components of a product.

The second level of the PBS requires product planners to identify more distinct requirements of the product. Each component of each level is further detailed and broken down until the PBS structure is complete. Thorough evaluation of a product and its requirements are vital during the initial planning phase of a product. Such careful consideration ensures that product objectives are not overlooked.